Preparing for a college application can be quite daunting, but there are ways to make the whole process much easier and less stressful. Hereis some advice..

Start early

Before you start writing your application make sure you know what modules are in the subject you want to study, why you want to study them, and why that university is right for you. Preliminary research takes time.

You should:

  • Talk to your teachers and see what reading you can do on the subject so you can show off what you already know on your application.
  • Find out if there are any events you can attend that are relevant to your subject. Make sure to demonstrate your passion for the topic outside of school.
  • Know your deadlines! Some universities and subjects have different deadlines so don’t assume it’s one rule for all, especially if you’re applying to universities in different countries.

Do this and it’ll make the rest of your application a lot easier! So what’s next?

Writing your application

This is the hard part. Your college application must show your academic achievements whilst also showing the reader your personality and exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples of the things you can include:

  • Your personal connection with the subject – why is it your passion? Why do you walk around the house all day quoting Shakespeare or thinking about astronomy?
  • Any relevant experiences you’ve had – and if you can, impress them with experiences that took place outside of school.
  • Talk about what you’ve read and what you learned from those books; how did they make you think and feel?
  • Lots of people are applying to college so make sure you write about your particular interests and hobbies; don’t forget to mention the time you dismantled and rebuilt your dad’s computer just for fun.
  • Make it about you!

And here are some things to avoid:

  • Making lists – don’t just list all the things you’ve done and all the books you’ve read. Talk about them!
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes – make sure you check it, your parents check it, and your teachers check it…twice.
  • Don’t rush – if you start early, you won’t have to! College applications take time; if you finished your application in a day, it probably isn’t finished.

And finally

Remember, universities in countries like the UK and the US are looking for well-rounded and interesting individuals who can think critically and outside the box. Some unfortunate professor has to read thousands of applications from students all with the same grades, so try and write something they’ll enjoy. It’s all about standing out, not being the best at fitting in.











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